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The mission of the Health and Sport Management Department is to prepare students for careers in health, athletics, and sport industries to serve as administrators, managers, and innovators. Through the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, our students develop knowledge and skills that promote inclusive and transformative experiences incorporating innovative technologies for a global world.

Sport Management Curriculum

Benedict’s Sport Management Master’s is designed to provide intensive study of current sport business practices that will prepare students to meet the demands of the contemporary sport management market. Problem-solving, theoretical and applied learning, and effective communication are stressed to ensure that graduates have both the technical and theoretical knowledge to enter the marketplace with confidence.

Based upon the recommendations of the Sport Management Master’s faculty, the full college faculty approved the program with two concentration options:

The Athletic Administration Concentration is designed to prepare candidates to function in a sport business environment. Students will gain practical experiences with athletic administration job components, sport ethical roles, and sport laws. Participants will be exposed to sport finances, sport governance, sport facility management, commercial recreation, and outdoor recreation and sport planning.

The Coaching Concentration is designed to prepare candidates with the managerial and leadership skills required to coach on all sport levels (i.e., Recreational, Public School, Collegiate, Semi-Professional, Professional, and Olympic Levels). Students will be exposed to the psychology of sport; coaching, officiating and teaching concepts; sport analytics; athletic training and Esports. They will experience different coaching, officiating, analyzing, educating, training and learning environments. Graduates will display sport leadership and practical management skills to lead, manage, direct, coach, and operate various sports and sporting agencies.

All degree completion options share a common core curriculum of 12 credit hours that emphasize advanced management, marketing, and legal concepts. This is then supplemented by 12-18 hours of directed courses within the applicable sub-field (Athletic Administration or Coaching). Each concentration culminates in a capstone experience designed to demonstrate synthesis of learned concepts. Based upon academic and professional goals, students can choose between the preparation and defense of an independently-researched thesis (12 hours of coursework) or completion of a supervised practicum and comprehensive examination (6 hours of coursework).

Program of Study

Admission Policy

Benedict College gives serious consideration to every applicant who is committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity it provides him/her to obtain a graduate education. The College makes its educational opportunities available to all such applicants interested in participating in its programs.

However, each applicant must provide evidence of a reasonable probability of success in graduate school before he/she can be admitted. The College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant it judges unlikely to benefit from its programs.

Full Admission: Applicants for admission to graduate studies at Benedict College will have to submit a completed application packet and pay a non-refundable application fee. Additionally, the SMM Admissions Committee reviews the following requirements:

  • Completed online graduate admission application
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Interview with SMM Admissions Committee
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores (optional)
  • Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Statement of Commitment and Interest
  • English Proficiency


Application Deadline
November 18, 2021
Decision Notifications
January 10, 2022

Regular Admissions

Application Deadline
December 3, 2021
Decision Notification
January 31, 2022


Application Deadline
February 2, 2022
Decision Notification
March 31, 2022

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