Education, Child and Family Studies

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Dr. Tracy Middleton
Department Chair
Telephone: 803-705-4443 Fax: 803-705-6586
Office Hours 9:00AM - 5:00PM

The mission of the Education, Child and Family Studies Department is to prepare students for occupations in PK-6 instruction, Child and Family Development, and for further study in education and related fields. Students completing Programs of Study in the department will be prepared to acquire and maintain leadership positions in the educational arena related to teaching, research, and service. 

Major Offered

The Education, Child and Family Studies Department offers a major in Educational Studies with two concentrations: PK-6 Certification and Child and Child and Family Development. The PK-6 Certification program leads to dual certification to teach in grades PK-3 for an Early Childhood teaching certificate and in grades 2-6 for an Elementary Education teaching certificate from the South Carolina Department of Education. The Child and Family Development concentration prepares graduates to work in non-public school settings that serve the educational needs of children and families. 

Learning Opportunities

The Education, Child, and Family Studies Department is the administrative unit for the educator preparation programs at Benedict College. Through the Office of Educator Preparation, students, candidates, and faculty receive assistance in meeting institutional, state, and professional standards. The philosophical underpinning of the programs stems from the strong historical emphasis of the mission of Benedict College, which is to prepare students to serve as “powers for good in society.” With the premise that the service provided by candidates must be in alignment with professional standards as well as the needs of the community in which teachers work, the Department identifies four student learning outcomes for program completers:

  1. Teachers as scholars;
  2. Teachers as effective practitioners;
  3. Teachers as reflective decision makers;
  4. Teachers as resources for the community.

The educator preparation programs at Benedict College are accredited by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation for Educator Preparation). This accreditation applies to all initial teacher preparation programs at the Institution. The Benedict College Educator Preparation programs are also approved by the South Carolina Board of Education to offer State-approved education programs in the following areas and grade levels: Early Childhood Education (PK-3) and Elementary Education (2-6). Benedict College is in full compliance with section 207 of the Title II Higher Act and reports on the performance of program completers on the required certification examinations and performance assessments annually. All Benedict College educator preparation program completers are required to pass all examinations for program completion.

The Education, Child and Family Studies Department also offers minors in Educational Studies and Child and Family Development.   

Additional Opportunities

The Education, Child and Family Studies Department is committed to providing students with best practices and contemporary  school experiences. Therefore, all students in the Department engage in field experiences as required components of designated courses. These experiences begin in the freshman year and extend through succeeding semesters. Each Educator Preparation student must complete the required field experiences prior to the clinical experience. Students enrolled in the Education, Child and Family Studies Department are required to complete a period of internship that closely correlates with their specific major and program of study during the senior year. Students who choose the teaching option must complete the clinical experience with, a minimum of 60 days in their respective program of study and in an approved site. Students who major in Child and Family Development must complete a minimum twelve-week, full-time internship in an approved site. 

Benedict College is committed to ensuring that all students are among the best in their chosen fields and that students are prepared to be of service to the community. Each student is required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of approved course-based service-learning activities for graduation. 

SC SEA is the student membership program for the South Carolina Education Association. This pre-professional organization for future teachers strives to improve the quality of tomorrow’s educators. 

Members will:

  • receive discounts for Praxis Preparation workshop fees 
  • receive professional publications
  • be able build a supportive network of future professionals
  • improve knowledge and understanding of K-12 schools

be eligible to receive Occupational Liability Coverage which covers all field and clinical experiences

Graduates of the Education, Child and Family Studies Department are employed as teachers, administrators, and human services professionals.

  • Student Spotlight

Blood Drive

A few of our December 2018 graduating seniors, Dajae Brown, Precious Gray, and Angel Harrison, planned and led a blood drive sponsored by the American Red.  The event was held on Thursday, September 25, 2018 inside of the Benedict College Swinton Center.  The students did this event as a part of their Field Practicum at the American Red Cross where they are responsible for 400 hours of internship experience this semester.  From creating the proposal, to hosting the event, to making decisions on the entertainment, food, and incentives, these scholars were involved in every step of the process.  Their targeted goal was to have at least 50 people in participate in the blood drive. On the day of the event they arrived, bright and early, to set up and sign in participants. Their hard work paid off as well over 100 students, faculty, and staff donated blood to the American Red Cross.

Emergency Shelter

In addition to the blood drive the students also participated in disaster preparedness activities as Hurricane Florence approached the state.  Specifically, the interns traveled to Branchville, SC, a small town located in Orangeburg County, to spend three days and two nights at Branchville high school to assist in preparation efforts.  In preparation for the storm, they unloaded and set up an emergency shelter for the first time, giving them a hands on learning experience of what it is like to be in a critical situation. They all agree, it was not easy to adapt to an environment with such a lack of resources. It was challenging for them to cope and remain calm throughout the process, but above all, they gained so much knowledge and feel they will be better prepared in the future. Another asset they obtained from this experience is networking, they were able to meet a lot of people who work in DSS, have been social workers for years, in different organizations, and this gave them a great platform to promote the blood drive. All and all they learned the importance of patience, and now they have a better idea of what they will face in the future as professional social workers.  

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