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Revised 2022 COVID-19 Guidelines

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At A Glance Revised
COVID-19 Guidelines

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BC Tiger Family, thank you for your cooperation as “campus life” was adjusted in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19.  Students, Faculty and Staff your demonstrated creativity and innovation during our attempts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 were recognized across the state and nation—the resilience of BC during COVID-19 is well documented. 

We continue to be guided by recent Center for Disease and Environmental Control (CDC) policies.

Vaccines remain the best public health measure to protect people from COVID-19, slow transmission, and reduce the likelihood of new variants emerging.

S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control

Effective April 1, 2022, the mask mandate is lifted for all vaccinated staff, faculty, students, and visitors for the remainder of the semester. Students will be required to wear masks inside all classrooms/labs and instructional spaces. This does not apply to the Swinton Center, the Gymnasium, and other common gathering spaces. Recognizing that individuals may have underlying health conditions and/or simply prefer to mask, students, staff and faculty are encouraged and welcomed to wear masks in any area of the campus as they desire. Individuals should keep their Covid vaccination cards on them (hard copy or digital i.e., on cellphone) as they may be asked to verify their vaccination status without notice.

The policies listed below are intended to provide an outline of the overall campus approach. Details can be found in the respective section on the BC website.

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News Releases

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Advantages of getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Exposed to

Learn more about
what to do if exposed to COVID-19.


Learn where to get
tested and schedule your appointment.

Proof of Vaccination

Use this form to upload
your proof of vaccination
to Health Services.

Registration and Campus Housing

Learn more information on enrollment and campus housing

Frequently Asked Questions

All faculty, staff, students and visitors, including third party vendors, are required to wear face coverings/masks at all times while in public spaces or shared spaces on campus (see appendix on CDC guidelines for face coverings and masks). If you have a medical condition that restricts you from wearing one, please contact Human Resources.

Yes, you will have to participate in COVID-19 testing. 
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