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Customized Training Programs for Businesses, Industry, and Government

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Companies with a competitive edge have learned to work smarter. They know that a highly-trained workforce is essential in today's marketplace. Benedict College's Virtual Learning Professional and Continuing Education program is dedicated to helping corporate clients gain the professional advantage. We offer responsive, innovative, cutting-edge solutions that meet your specific training needs.

Our Customized Training...

... establishes partnerships with business and industry to develop training and education courses unique to the organization's specific needs.  A customized training program can take your company — and your employees — to the next level.

... is one of the most affordable and effective ways to provide your staff with the leadership and professional development training they need to help sharpen your company's competitive edge.

... enables organizations to achieve their performance goals by developing learning solutions, which add value and reduce costs. Whether your organization is incurring large training expenses or experiencing long training cycles, our staff will develop customized training solutions that address the challenges in your business.

Leadership & Management Excellence

In today's fast-paced business environment, leaders need to have a broad vision and a vast knowledge of the trends and developments shaping their organization.  While some people seem to have a natural talent for leading, most people acquire the skill of leadership. Consequently, there is a need for leadership education.  In fact, one of the most important education benefits of our program is that individuals can be empowered to lead from any position within an organization. You can learn practical "how-to" leadership and management skills that increase performance, motivation, and overall effectiveness.  The strategies are proven to work in a “real world” environment.

Learn how to identify individuals within your organization that possess leadership talents and abilities.  By focusing on fundamental skills and challenges, the first time or seasoned manager/supervisor can learn the basic skills needed to lead effectively.

Through leadership and management education, our programs focus on expanding individual capability by developing the essential leadership and managerial competencies required to be successful at higher levels in the organization. We offer education and training in areas such as:

• Team building• Project management• Problem solving strategies
• Strategic planning• Change management• Coaching for performance
• Decision making• Effective communication• Building trust
• Goal setting• Art of delegating• Ethics and integrity

At the program’s completion, the successful participant will be able to:

• Build relationships by establishing trust and communication

• Help others achieve their maximum potential

• Generate positive long-term results

• Foster a sense of community and partnership

• Apply effective negotiation and decision-making skills

• Demonstrate the guiding principles for ethical leadership behavior

• Facilitate change while maintaining performance and productivity

• Create alignment in both organizational and personal goals

• Take ownership, accountability, and set goals to achieve maximum performance

• Enhance business acumen

• Identify opportunities to increase efficiency, simplicity and revenue

• Build influence across functional areas


Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

Professional & Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel, postpone, limit enrollment, split or combine classes, and change instructors and class locations when necessary.

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