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32nd Annual Virtual Harambee Festival


Benedict College greets all of our faithful and loyal supporters of the Harambee Festival and hope that you are safe and secure. Like you and the rest of the world, we are maneuvering through this international pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. Our lives have been touched and as we adhere to local and state-mandated health requirements, the 32nd Annual Harambee Festival will be reimagined with the foremost attention given to the health and safety of all. The current plan is based upon a two-part Harambee Festival on February 27, 2021.

 First,  our merchandise vendors may participate in the Festival by purchasing digital ads that will run on the Benedict College website and other social media platforms. Vendors can record a brief advertising (commercial) displaying their merchandise, location, website, email address, and telephone number. Next, submit the recording to us and it will be placed on the Benedict College website and other media platforms and broadcast worldwide for approximately for a month. Be sure to include how the customer base can order your products or receive additional information. We plan to run your digital ads for several weeks, preferably before and after the Harambee Festival, with special emphasis on that day. As you consider these options, keep in mind that through this virtual platform, you will be able to reach a worldwide audience through the internet.

Second, organizations, businesses and companies (non-vendors), churches, faith-based entities, governmental entities, and individuals are invited to purchase digital advertising space to provide tributes, testimonials, memorials, and other appropriate recognition to a church, organization, individual, family member, colleague, Benedict College, Harambee Festival, or friend for inclusion in the Harambee Festival Virtual Memory Book. One example in this category is for those who wish to do so to provide a tribute to Vice President Kamala Harris on her historic achievement. (All recognitions must be non-partisan but can reflect historic and cultural perspectives). Additionally, we invite our business community, alumni. faculty, staff, and students to purchase ads of their choice.

When we met at the Harambee Festival last year, we could not imagine that circumstances would force us to modify the presentation of the Festival to the extent that it has. The history of the Harambee Festival is indeed the story of African American history–struggle, and survival. As you have supported us faithfully over the years, during this time of unprecedented challenges, we will do our best to continue the Harambee Festival in TheBESTofBC tradition.

We reach out to you with well wishes and gratitude for your participation in the past and with humility ask for your continued support.




You must create your own 30 sec Vendor Video!

TIP: Have someone record for you and or use a tripod. The person should sit in a chair directly Infront of you. Hold the phone with both hands and brace elbows on armrest on the chair to prevent from moving (Shaking) or use a tripod for stability.

Landscape Mode (Best View)
Example of how video should be centered

(Please ensure that you are in the best bright light and representing your company in a clear view for the audience to see your products and services).

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Include the following information in the 30 second and Video

Digital Ads or Submissions to the Harambee Festival Memory Book
Please provide an original copy of your ad (no copies), tribute, recognition, etc. on an 8.5×11 page and include graphics, pictures, as appropriate.  Submissions must be camera ready.
For more information regarding how to submit a recorded ad or electronic submission please email kking@kelsdzn.com or call 803.629.7180
Zoom meetings may be arranged for participants who need assistance.
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