Our top priorities at this time are to provide emergency assistance to students with financial hardships associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (which includes travel and housing) and student scholarships.  

Giving annually or monthly to Benedict College is a wonderful way to impact the daily life of a student. For example, an annual contribution of just $1,000 ($2.80/day) or more per year covers approximately 1/6th of the difference between the cost of tuition and what the average student can actually afford after fully exhausting available financial aid. You can also designate your gift for specific purposes. We need your help today in making a truly profound contribution each day, month or year. Please make your tax deductible gift to Benedict College today on-line! It’s fast, secure and highly effective!


Your gift provides a degree of flexibility in allocating financial resources to areas needing it most. In fact, your gift:

  • Stimulates gifts for endowments, bequests and other special gifts of a non-recurring nature from alumni and friends;
  • Is a tangible expression of support that encourages gifts from outside sources such as corporations, foundations, parents and friends;
  • Provides consistent income that Benedict can count on each year.

Be sure to double your dollars if your company has a matching gift program! Check with your Human Resources Department and complete any required forms.

Giving Categories

Commissioned Portrait for permanent campus display, Commemorative Art, Waterford Crystal, External Press Conference & Reception, Web Site Posting (2 years)

Commemorative Art Waterford Crystal, Full Media Announcement & Web Site Posting (1 year)

Commemorative Art, Waterford Crystal, Full Media Announcement & Web Site Posting (1 semester)

Waterford Crystal, Full Media Announcement

Waterford Crystal, College and Alumni Special Announcement

Waterford Crystal

Homecoming Breakfast with the President, Special recognition at Breakfast, Photo with President

Homecoming Breakfast with the President, Special recognition at Breakfast

Homecoming Breakfast with the President

Special Thanks!

Other Giving Opportunities & Partnerships

Innovative Opportunities for Sustained Partnership Engagements

  • Gold Partners $1,000
  • Purple Partners $500
  • Tiger Partners $250

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