Degree Programs

DepartmentBusiness Administration, Management and Marketing
MajorsBusiness Administration
Concentrations: Management and Marketing
General Business

B.S. in Business Administration
B.S. in General Business


Economics, Finance, and Accounting
Concentration: Finance
DegreesB.S. in Accounting
B.S. in Economics
DepartmentEducation, Child and Family Studies
MajorsChild and Family Development
*Early Childhood Education
*Elementary Education

B.S. in Child and Family Development
B.S. in Early Childhood Education
B.S. in Elementary Education

DepartmentEnglish, Foreign Languages and Mass Communication
Mass Communication
DegreesB.A. in English
B.A. in Mass Communication
DepartmentFine Arts
Concentrations: Instrumental, Piano, Voice, and Music Industry
Studio Art
*Teaching of Art
DegreesB.A. in Art
B.A. in Music
DepartmentSocial Sciences and Criminal Justice
MajorsCriminal Justice
Concentrations: Corrections, Court System, and Law Enforcement
Political Science
Concentration: International Relations
Religion and Philosophy
DegreesB.S. in Criminal Justice
B.A. in History
B.A. in Political Science
B.A. in Psychology
B.A. in Religion and Philosophy
B.A. in Sociology
DepartmentBiology, Chemistry and Environmental Health Services
Concentration: Radiochemistry
Environmental Health Science
DegreesB.S. in Biology
B.S. in Chemistry
B.S. in Environmental Health Science
DepartmentMathematics and Computer Science
MajorsComputer Information Science
Computer Science
DegreesB.S. in Computer Science
B.S. in Mathematics
DepartmentPhysics and Engineering
MajorsComputer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Physics Dual Degree Program: Physics/Engineering
Transportation Engineering and Logistics Studies
DegreesB.S. in Computer Engineering
B.S. in Electrical Engineering
B.S. in Environmental Engineering
B.S. in Physics
B.S. in Transportation and Logistics Engineering
DepartmentContinuing Education and Weekend Program
Interdisciplinary Studies
B. A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

*Teaching Option Only

“Teaching and Non-Teaching Options


Number of Departments
Number of Majors



A “major” is an academic discipline in which the College grants a degree. The requirements for a degree generally include 18-44 hours in the major academic discipline.

A “concentration” is one of two or more options available for a particular major. Each concentration has its own program of study.

A “program of study” is a list of requirements for a degree in a particular major. The courses required include general education courses required of all students at the College, courses in the major aca¬≠demic discipline, and other courses related to the major. The total number of credits required for the degree is listed at the end of the program of study and ranges from 128 to 132 semester credit hours.

A “minor” in an academic discipline requires successful completion of 12-15 semester credit hours, as prescribed by the department in which the academic discipline is located.

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