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Welcome BC Scholars!!

I am elated you have chosen Benedict College to further your academic career! As the director of the Student Success Center, I am eager to create a welcoming and safe educational environment. I am committed to making sure our resources are easily accessible to our students, whether it is attending Workshop Wednesday, Tiger Tutoring, or needing support from the Student Success Staff. It is my hope each student will have a successful and safe school year and remember to be THE BEST OF BC.

Etosha M. Johnson, PhD

Director of Student Success Center

BC Students!

The Student Success Center (SSC) is committed to ensuring that you have a smooth transition throughout your time in college. Regardless of your classification, we invite to join us as we gladly assist you in achieving your academic aspirations.

Here are a couple of tips as you plan for success at BC:

Find your fit – Your first call to action is to work towards your academic degree. The second is to be engaged and connected. There are several opportunities to get involved in student organizations or services. Find something that speaks to you and your interest – Then try it!

Minimize procrastination– Some of us like to work under pressure but in some cases, this pressure can be avoided with proper planning. Develop a plan or find a process to get organized so that you can stay ahead. Doing so will allow you to allot appropriate time for class assignments and social activities.

Connect with faculty – Our office provides an abundance of support but some of your most valuable resources are your professors. Developing positive relationships with the great faculty members at BC can make a positive difference throughout your time here. If you have a question or are unclear of something– Ask them.

Model positive behaviors – Whether they are friends, roommates, or tutors from our office, you are surrounded by positive examples of other successful students. If you have a peer who exemplifies success, ask them what do they do and adapt their strategies to your work style and personality.

In order to bring out #TheBESTofBC we must bring out the best in you. Whether you are a first-generation student, transfer, out-of-state, or legacy of BC – we all need support! Come see a student success specialist, drop-in for tutoring or get assistance with study skills. The SSC serves as a place where you can connect, ask questions, and focus on your academic success.

We look forward to seeing you!

Student Success Center

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