Athletic Hall of Fame

Please find below the general nomination procedures and application for the Benedict College National Alumni Association Athletic Hall of Fame.

  1. The official nomination ballot must be used in nominating a candidate for induction.
  2. The hall of fame committee will accept applications for nomination from January 1st through May 30th each year.
  3. An athlete must have earned at least two letters in one sport, or one letter in two or more sports, and must have attended Benedict College a minimum of two years. The nominee must have been of outstanding quality in performance.
  4. Selection is based primarily on the athletic prowess of the individual based in playing ability, character, leadership, the athlete’s contribution to the team or teams in, which he played on.
  5. No more than five (5) nominees may be elected to the hall of fame each year. There is no limit; however, to the number of times an individual may be considered. In exceptional cases, the above requirements may be waived by a unanimous vote of the committee.
  6. Benedict college coaches and administrators are eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame immediately upon their retirement or five years after leaving employment or a coaching position.  Any contributor and deceased candidates become eligible immediately.
  7. The nominee must have been out of college a minimum of five (5) years.
  8. Candidates that are on a team that has been inducted are also eligible as an individual inductee.
  9. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is held annually, during the Annual Meeting of the Benedict College National Alumni Association. This is also the annual homecoming weekend.
  10. The nominee must be present at the induction ceremony in order to be inducted. The nominee can be inducted posthumously. If an athlete is voted in but unable to attend the ceremonies, that athlete will be contacted in the years to follow until he or she is able to attend represented.
  11. The Hall of Fame committee strongly urge and request that the application is filled out completely, adding any supporting data that will help the selection committee members make a fair and equitable evaluation of the candidate.
  12. The purpose of the Benedict College Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor former students, coaches, contributors and administrators who have contribute and excelled in athletics at Benedict College.
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