Benedict College National Alumni Association Awards

Awards are distributed at the Alumni Awards Banquet to recognize alumni for their noteworthy services and accomplishments to the National Alumni Association, Benedict College and their communities.  Award recipients are determined by the BCNAA Awards Committee using established criteria.  These criteria are not intended to be all-inclusive or to preclude the Association from granting such other awards, recognition or acknowledgement-as may be deemed fitting and proper. 

Alumni Award Recipients

  • The Lula J. Gambrell:  Mr. Louis C. Gibson
  • Distinguished Service:  Mrs. Essie Perkins
  • Outstanding Achievement:  Rev. Dr. Frank K. Sims (Posthumously)
  • The Lula J. Gambrell:  Mrs. Ollie Tingman
  • Distinguished Service:  Mrs. Pearl B. Cox
  • Mrs. Lillie Mathis
  • Outstanding Achievement:  Dr. Ruby W. Watts
  • Outstanding Achievement:  Ms. Elel Watts Finley

    Distinguished Service:  Mrs. Jacqueline Lawrence

  • The Lula J. Gambrell: Dr. Tony Minus

  • Distinguished Service: Mrs. Juliette Gilliam (Posthumously) 
Mr. Mingo Dicks, Mrs. Rozel S. Turner
  • Outstanding Achievement: Mrs. Blanche McIver, 
Mr. Rufus Watts


  • Outstanding Achievement:  Rev. Alexander McWhite

  • Distinguished Service:  Mr. Paul A. Cash, Esquire

  • The Lula J. Gambrell:  Rev. Samuel J. Lloyd

  • Distinguished Service:  Dr. Milton Kimpson

  • Outstanding Achievement:  Dr. Mamie N. Coker

  • Outstanding Achievement:  Miss Sammie Mae Rice

  • The Lula J. Gambrell:  Mrs. Leola Caison

  • Distinguished Service:  Rev. John C. Williams

  • Distinguished Service:  Mrs. Blanche McIver, Rev. Samuel J. Lloyd, Mrs. Angeline Davis Smith

  • Distinguished Service Non-Alumnus:  Mr. James Artemus

  • Outstanding Achievement:  Dr. Alma Byrd, Dr. Luns C. Richardson

  • Distinguished International Achievement:  Dr. Marianna Davis

  • The Lula J. Gambrell:  Mrs. Alberta Marshall

The Lula J. Gambrell:  Dr. Lula J. Gambrell

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