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About OIP

Established in 2001, the OIP currently functions under the Office of Academic Affairs, and works very closely with the Office of Admissions, the Office of Scholarships, and the Registrars Office to facilitate the recruitment, admission, and retention of international students. OIP also assists in the recruitment of international faculty.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of International Programs (OIP) is to assist the College achieve its educational goals by exposing Benedict students, faculty, and staff to the international dimensions of the modern world. More specifically, OIP’s purpose is to assist the College in achieving its teaching, research, and service mission by helping the College community in gaining an experiential as well as theoretical understanding of the relationships between wealth and poverty, development and underdevelopment through travel and study abroad and the internationalization of the curriculum.

OIP strives to prepare students to become socially conscious world citizens who are actively concerned with the well being of all communities irrespective of borders. In particular, we want our students to fully participate in the socially conscious aspects of U.S. society and continue to do their part to move the U.S. closer to global justice through equity for all.