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Undergraduate Degrees and Majors

As you consider the academic programs offered at Benedict College, ask yourself these questions:  On the day you accept your diploma, what will you know? What will you be prepared to do? The Benedict College approach to academics could make a real difference in your answers.

Because of our long heritage and strong commitment to the liberal arts, you will have a rich, broad background in the humanities, math and the sciences when you graduate from BC. This foundation is the preparation you will need to enter any field and enjoy a full life as an educated citizen of the world.

If you already know the field you plan to enter, enroll in that program as a freshman and begin immersing yourself in your chosen area from the start, right along with your liberal arts coursework. If you have not yet focused on a single field, enroll as an Undeclared major. Then take classes in various programs, explore your options and take two years to decide which one is the right for you.

Either way, you will be better prepared on graduation day to launch your career or continue training in a field you are truly committed to.  Up until that day, we will give you nearly unlimited opportunities to study, grow and pursue multiple interests. The result might be a unique career advantage.  In fact, you can spend your entire four years at Benedict College learning what you love .

And that, we believe, could make your experience at the College the most exciting experience of your life.