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Visas and Immigration

Admission to Benedict College and travel preparations to enter the U.S. to attend College require two different processes.  The first one is determined by the admission requirements at Benedict College for all its students; the second one is determined by the government of the United States and it requires international students to submit certain documents to be eligible to enter the United States under legal status. The OIP cannot waive either the requirements for admission or the requirements to enter the U.S. legally.

LAST MINUTE TIMELINE The admissions process for international students will take some students about three weeks to complete.  Other students may take several months to complete the process, while still others may take as much as a year.  Many U.S. Embassies will look more favorably on issuing a visa if you apply for your visa at least three to four months in advance of when you are required to be on the Benedict College campus.  Some U.S. Embassies will issue visas right up to the week before you travel.  Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they are familiar with the visa process of the U.S. Embassy in your country.  The date you are expected to report to Benedict College will be listed on your I-20.