Contact Us: Division of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs
Phone: 803-705-4424/Fax 705-6667

Admissions and Student Marketing
Phone: 803-705-4910/Fax 764-3914

Campus Police Department
Phone: 803-253-5400 or 705-6455 (24-hour dispatch)

Community Life (Housing)
Phone: 803-705-4381, 705-4982

Counseling & Testing Services
Phone: 803-705-4741

Financial Aid
Phone: 803-705-4418/Fax 705-6629

Food Services
Phone: 803-705-4620

Health Center
Phone: 803-705-4637/Fax 705-6301

Registrar & Student Records
Phone: 803-705-4787/Fax 705-7057

Religious Services
Phone: 803-705-4607 or 4687

Student Activities
Phone: 803-705-4767 or 4408

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