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Son of Fallen Deputy Dedicates Season to Father

January 21, 2008

bc_2007_basketball_men_lane_darius(WLTX) -- Former RNE star, and current Benedict basketball player Darius Lane is playing this season with a heavy heart, after losing his father, Deputy Darral Lane.

For the Benedict junior, basketball has always been an escape for him, and a chance to forget about every day life.

Darius Lane just wanted to play a game, a game that became less important the day got the worst news of his life.

"I seen another deputy. I didn't get the news right there, but he had told me my dad had got hurt," said Darius.

"I thought it was like a little accident, like he hurt one of his limbs, like he got a broken arm or broken leg, something like that. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case," Lane says.bc_2007_basketball_men_lane_darius_father_lane_darral

Darius is the son of Darral Lane, the Richland County Deputy who tragically lost his life in December. Darral Lane died doing what he did best, serving his community.

"There was a lot going on in my mind. I had never had dealt with a situation like that with a family that close to be passing away," Lane says.

"That was one of the hardest days. When the news got broken to me that was one of the toughest days. The funeral was real tough," said the young basketball player.

The days have gotten easier and Darius is once again hoping basketball can help him and his family cope with the tragedy of losing his father and his biggest fan.

"My dad was at every game." Darius remembers.

"Every game he could make, he was there, home and away. Every game you're going to hear his voice up there. He always sits with my mom. So he's always up there, it's just a habit. Basketball games I always here him shouting at me, do this, that, son. Do this, Darius. He was kind of loud. At the house, he was loud. You'd hear him laughing halfway across the house. You'd hear him talking my mom; he'd call us, he was extra loud when he called us. He was a loud man."

And although he's not there in person, Darius still feels his father's presence, and through tragedy, he has taught his son a valuable life lesson.

"A lot of people have heard about my situation and reached out to me. And I always tell them, 'cherish what you got, don't take it for granted, because tomorrow isn't guaranteed.' I tell them, 'Enjoy what you got. Spend time with your family.'"

"I tell them how significant it is to have a father in your life. Just don't take it for granted."

Richland County (SC) Sheriff's Deputies at BC-Paine Basketball Game on Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

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