Dr. Ruby W. Watts
Executive Vice President

Dr. Janeen P. Witty
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Gary E. Knight
Vice President for Student Affairs

Mrs. Barbara C. Moore
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Mrs. Brenda Walker
Vice President for Business and Finance

Mr. Willie Washington
Athletic Director

Roslyn Clark Artis, J.D., Ed.D.

President and CEO
Benedict College

Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis has earned for the second time in history, the distinct honor of serving as the first-female President of a collegiate institution in the United States.

As the president of this institution, I want to take this opportunity to inform you about the Success Equals Effort (SEE) Policy that you may have heard about through the media or other sources. Since much of what has been presented in the media has been inaccurate, misleading, or downright incorrect, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that our constituents and supporters have a clear understanding about this innovative new policy. 

2012 - 2017

Approved by the Board of Trustees

Dr. David H. Swinton

SD 1: Provide Strategic Enrollment Management

SD 2: Foster Increases in Student Academic and Non-Academic Success

SD 3: Provide and Strengthen Research and Service Programs

SD 4: Establish and Maintain Appropriate Institutional Resources

SD 5: Promote Institutional Advancement and Community Engagement

SD 6: Exercise Fiscal Responsibility

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