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Fine Arts Department

The Theatre Area is designed to offer courses that will enhance the liberal arts education and provide opportunities for training and creative expression through the art form known as theatre. The Benedict College Performing Arts Company maintains a 265-seat proscenium stage that provides live theatrical and musical experiences for the artistic, cultural, and educational enrichment of the College and the surrounding community.

Mission Statement of the Theatre Area

Mission Statement of the Music Program

The role of the Music Program is to provide a basis of support for the Benedict College liberal arts curriculum by offering a broad base of concepts and principles, historical perspectives, techniques and processes, and understanding and appreciation of the creative process in music. The music programs develop cognitive, perceptual, emotive, and communication skills that help students establish higherorder thinking proficiencies desperately needed to function in today's society.

The Dance Area offers students a variety of opportunities for the study and performance of various styles of dance. The program seeks to provide an understanding and appreciation for dance as an art form and cultural expression; movement experiences for creative self-expression and body awareness; and performance experiences for artistic and technical development. Through the curriculum, the Harold Odom Dance Theatre, and the Performing Arts Company, the Dance Area also provides the College and surrounding communities with on-going educational and artistic experiences.

Note: "In studio courses, one hour of credit represents three hours of studio time and space each week of the semester. Studio classes led by an instructor meet for a minimum of 2 hours per week for each credit granted."