Career Pathways Initiative and Service-Learning Program

Program Overview

The Benedict College Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), sponsored by the Office of Service-Learning and Leadership Development, is a supported community of high school sophomores and juniors who participate in an intensive academic experience. Through the Youth Leadership Institute, participants learn to chart a path for an academically and personally rewarding future characterized by achievement, independent thought, and social responsibility.

  1. Deans and Department Chairs require and/or strongly encourage faculty attendance at service-learning orientation sessions.
  2. Deans and Department Chairs verify service-learning is a component on syllabi for all seminar and departmental courses with a service-learning component. Grading also takes into account the service-learning experience.
  3. Instructors complete a Curriculum Alignment Form prior to engaging in service-learning activities.

Community service is a form of volunteerism that has no intentional tie to learning; the emphasis is strictly on the service. Service-learning on the other hand is a teaching methodology that emphasizes both the service and the learning goals in such a way that both are enriched. In addition, service-learning meets a genuine community need, includes thoughtful partnerships, and have clear connections to learning objectives.
(Adapted from the National Youth Leadership Council )