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People of Clarendon County

A Play by Ossie Davis

The Theater Ensemble under the direction of Charles David Brooks III is putting on the production of "The People of Clarendon County" by Ossie Davis, with permission of Alice Bernstein whose unearthing of the play led to its publication in her book. Ms. Bernstein is a journalist, Aesthetic Realism Associate, and Director of the Alliance of Ethics & Art. This semester, Professor Brooks has given a student the opportunity to make his directing debut. Carrington Hardin is a graduating Senior from the Mass Communications Print program. He is Co-editor for Tiger News and his tenure with the Theatre Ensemble since Freshmen year has earned the right techniques and mindset to direct. The production is set to open:

Dates and Times:
March 25, 2015 at 7:00PM
March 26, 2015 at 7:00PM
March 27, 2015 at 7:00PM

Location: Henry Ponder Fine Arts/Humanities Center Theater


Directing Debut of Carrington Hardin
Under the supervision of
Prof. Charles David Brooks III
Director of the Theatre Ensemble

Theatre Ensemble includes Derek Darby, Ty'Berria Clatt, De'Marquavious Daniels, and Calvin Phillips. Keneshia Gillard is Violaist. Townspeople include Doris Murray, Mi'cal Ryan, Leslie Kinard, Thiyra Baker, and Jazziniki Thompson.

Dr. David H. Swinton


Friday, March 27, 2015 - 7:00pm
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WHO: Don Evans, Playwright, was born in Philadelphia and graduated from what would become Cheyney University of Pennsylvania in 1962. He earned a master's degree in 1968 and a master of fine arts degree in 1972. He was department chair of African American studies at the College of New Jersey in Trenton and also taught at Princeton and Rutgers over the years. He was a founder of Trenton's Players Company.

WHAT: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show takes place in suburban Philadelphia, where the Reverend Avery Harrison, a Baptist preacher, clings tenaciously to his position in the local black elite. His upwardly mobile philosophy is avisly shared by his wife, Myra (whose hilarious malapropisms continually betray her ghetto origins), and his son Felix, a strictly brought up private school product who has suddenly discovered the joys of sex, thanks to a surreptitiously studied manual and the cooperation of a local charmer known as "Li'l Bit's". Another jarring note is struck when the Reverend's countrified niece Beverly, the only daughter of his lately demised brother, arrives from the rural South with the news that she has been left in the custody of Caled Johnson, a jive talking, fast living, macho type, who was the partner of Beverly's father in a disreputable local nightclub. Hilarious complications ensue as the Reverend and his wife find their passions rekindled; Felix and "Li'l Bit's" nervously face the prospect that she may be in a "family way"; and Beverly -- who is a lot sharper than her country background might suggest -- plots her conquest of the increasingly helpless Caleb.

WHEN: November 17 & 18 at 7pm & November 19 at 3pm 2016

WHERE: Ponder Fine Arts /Humanities Center

Contact Information:
Charles David Brooks, III, Director

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