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Division of Academic Affairs

Counseling & Testing Services received $85,000 Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Prevention Grant (November 20, 2009).

The college experience should be an exciting and productive one. It should occur in a challenging environment in which students can grow and learn. Counseling and Testing Services mission is to provide some of the support activities that contribute to students' academic, social, and personal growth.

We would like to extend a special welcome to you and thank you for your interest in the Benedict College - Midlands Technical College Bridge Program, a program designed   to enhance the transfer process of students from Midlands Technical College to Benedict College.  This collaboration is intended to serve students by providing program support and services which facilitate the transfer process and prepare and acclimate Midlands Technical College students who desire to matriculate at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.

Career Services assists students and alumni with their career plans and provides information about vacancies in a wide variety of professional fields. The office coordinates the campus visits of repre­sentatives from industry, government, and graduate and professional schools. In addition, the office places students in internships, assists students in finding jobs, summer employment, cooperative edu­cation positions, and graduate school placements.

Responsibilities of Career Services are as follows: