The Benedict Post Office coordinates the delivery of mail to students. Every full-time student is assigned a mailbox in the David H. Swinton Student Campus Center. Each student will be charge $15.00 for their mailbox key, an additional $15.00 will be charged for each lost key replacement.  The MSC number assigned will be used for the entire period of time you spend at Benedict College provided you are enrolled each consecutive semester.  If you withdraw for a semester and return at a later time a new number will be assigned.

The correct address format for incoming student mail is:

Student’s Name
MSC ______,
Benedict College
1600 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29204


Each student is provided a key to his/her mailbox at the beginning of the first year. The mailbox key is the responsibility of the student for his/her entire stay at Benedict College. You must use your key to check your mailbox, we do not check boxes and do not hand mail across the counter to you.  A key must be used at all times.  If a student loses the mailbox key, a $15 charge for a replacement key will be assessed.

Return of key: residents who move off campus, withdraw and/or graduate must return the key to the Post Office (not Residential Life). Failure to return the key will result to a: "hold" and a $25 charge to your student account which covers the core change and processing fee of the unreturned key.   Please be advised that a "hold" on a student account can delay or impede graduation and continuation of studies (signing up for new class), etc…

Seniors must return their mailbox key not later than the Friday before Graduation Services to the Campus Post Office, or they will be charged a late fee.
To ensure students' privacy, the MSC number or any personal information cannot be given to any individual.  You may not call the Post Office and ask if you have mail, you must physically come to the Post Office and check your mail personally.  Mail addressed to a different student that is inadvertently placed in your mailbox or addressed incorrectly with your mailbox number must be returned to the Benedict Post Office.  It is absolutely important to respect the privacy of fellow students.  Only mail addressed to you should be opened or current occupant,   any mail addressed to a different individual should not be tampered and be returned to the Post Office.   Mailboxes cannot be shared with anyone else.  Any packages sent to your mailbox with a different name other than the name on your Benedict ID will be returned to the sender.


Students will receive a slip in their mailbox when they receive a package. Packages may be picked up during designated hours by presenting your pick up notice at the Benedict Post Office window. Accountable mail (Express, Certified, Insured, and Registered mail) also may be picked up with a notice slip and must be signed for by the recipient. To claim both packages and accountable mail, proper picture ID is required. Packages MUST be claimed as soon as possible. They will be returned to sender after seven days.

Mail Preparation and Pick up Procedure

Student mail is delivered to the mailboxes the same day as the Benedict Post Office receives it from the U.S. Postal Service. A notice slip will be placed in your mailbox for large pieces of mail that do not fit into a mailbox or requires a proof signature (i.e., UPS, FedEx, DHL, Insured, Certified, Registered and Express Mail). This mail is available for pick up at the Benedict Post Office window during pick-up hours upon presentation of the notice slip and valid Benedict College ID.  You should contact the Benedict Post Office in person if you lose or misplace your notice slip.

Note: Packages may not be picked up by anyone other than the student that it is addressed to.  A valid Benedict College ID is the only proof of identification that is acceptable in the Mail Center.

For package pick-up, the Benedict Post Office will send three notices.  A second notice will be placed in the mailbox for packages not  picked up within five business days after the first notice and a final notice if not picked up within five business days after your second notice.  Packages will be returned to sender as "UNDELIVERABLE" if not picked up within three business days after the final notice.

Important Reminders ****


Mail with Gift cards, pre-paid Visa/MasterCard, personal checks payable to an individual (not cash) or money orders should be mailed "registered, certified/return receipt or delivery confirmation mail" or use any carrier that can provide tracking information and signature confirmation.  If lost or stolen they can be traced, cancelled and eventually be replaced.


Benedict Post Office is not equipped to store any type of perishables. Perishables are such items as flowers, fruit, candy, cookies, cakes, etc.


Students receiving daily newspapers (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc…), should collect their mail daily. Since the mailboxes are of limited size, the Benedict Post Office can place only two days’ worth of newspapers in any mailbox. On the third day and until the box is emptied, the newspaper will not be delivered; instead, it will be recycled.

Overflow Mail Boxes

Mailboxes should be checked frequently to avoid "overflow."  Mail that exceeds the space in your mailbox will be placed in a large envelope and held in the Benedict Post Office for one week until picked up.  A notice for pick up will be placed in the mailbox.  Envelopes not picked up within a week will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.

Forwarding Your Mail

The United States Post Office (U.S.P.S.) will not forward any mail addressed to Benedict College.  General information stuffers to students, mail that cannot be forwarded or returned to the sender will be recycled.


Before departing the College for summer, all students must do one of the following:

  • Inform the Post Office if you are planning to return for the fall semester.  During summer break all mail received for students planning to return for the fall semester will be placed in your box for pick up, all other mail will be returned to the sender.

End of Semester

Approximately six weeks before leaving the dorm at the end of each semester, all personal mail, magazines, CD clubs, newspapers, etc… should be notified of impending change of address so mails may be sent to your new address without missing any issues or important documents. Most companies now have e-mail addresses to which you can submit change of address notices or Internet access for the same purpose.

Study Abroad Students

Students going abroad should make mail handling arrangements similar to the summer break. Contact any magazines/periodical subscriptions to cancel or change your address. Since the USPS cannot forward any mail outside the US, it is advised that you have mail forwarded to a domestic address. Please refer to "Forwarding Your Mail" section for more information.