bc_phys_engineer_faculty_yin_mingMING YIN, PH.D., is a professor of Physics/Engineering at Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina. He holds a PH.D. degree in Physics from Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 1992. His graduate studies were in the topic of precision measurements using optical and laser probes.  He has been engaged in the determination of Cavendish's constant of universal gravitation after his move to Benedict College. Since 1997, he has become particularly active in an USC-Benedict collaboration to search for "electrically induced effects in gravity". In the past few years, he has also given over half a dozen presentations in the subject of gravitational experiments at the national and regional meetings of the American Physical Society. The most recent (relevant) publication that he has co-authored, is "Tidal Effects on Gravity Experiments with a Balance," Physical Review Letters, vol. 91, 5 Sep. 2003.

Courses have been taught:

Phys121 & Phys 122 (Engineering Graphics I & II)

Phys241 & Phys242 (General Physics I & II)

Phys334 Thermal Physics

Phys336 Electricity and Magnetism

Phys431 & Phys432 (Modern Physics I & II)

Phys434 Advanced Modern Physics Laboratory)

Research Interesting:

The determination of Universal gravitation constant of universal gravitation


Solid State Physics

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