bc_bio_phys_faculty_tamboue_helene_sAssociate Professor OF Chemistry/ Chair
Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Health Science Dept.
Benedict College
1600 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29204


ALU 201
Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Heath Science Department
School of STEM, Benedict College
1600 Harden Street
Columbia, SC 29204
Email: Tamboueh@ benedict.edu
Phone: +1 (803) 705-4740
Fax: +1 (803) 705-6633


  • CHEM 248: Organic Chemistry II (Spring 2008)
  • CHEM 147: Prin. Of Chemistry I (Fall 2008)
  • CHEM 247: Organic Chemistry I (Fall 2008)
  • CHEM 248: Organic Chemistry II (Fall 2008)


Doctorate of Philosophy Chemistry Oregon State University, Corvallis
Master of Art Chemistry University of Missouri, Columbia
Postgraduate Diploma (D.E.S.) in Chemistry University of Cameroon, Yaounde
Bachelor of Science Chemistry University of Cameroon, Yaounde

Research Interest:

  • Physical Organic Chemistry: Study of the Mechanism of Organic Reactions and the application of mathematical equations to predict reactivities and reactions rates.
  • Natural Products Chemistry: Search of Active secondary metabolites from medicinal plants used in Cameroon.
  • Environmental Organic Chemistry : Looking at the importance of chemicals to our daily  life, their effect on the different Environments while insisting on the fact that Chemicals have to be handle with " RESPECT "
  • Teaching Organic Chemistry: Search for better and more efficient Methods for communicating this very important Science to our student.


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