Honors & Membership

SAMIR RAYCHOUDHURY, Ph.D., Associate professor of Biology
Department of Biological and Physical Sciences


Faculty Remarks: Benedict College Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon, May 13, 2003, David H. Swinton Campus Center

This is a very special occasion for me. I am really pleased and very much honored to have been selected for this award.

I would like to thank the Chair and members of the recognition and courtesy committee, and those who sponsored and supported the nomination including Dean Jones, Assistant Dean Nikravesh and my Chair Dr. Lowe.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to my colleagues in the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, MBRS and RIMI programs. In 1997, I joined Benedict College as Assistant Professor through the RIMI program. Dr. Mary Finlay was the Program Director and Dr. Swinton offered me the job of teaching Benedict College students. I would like to thank both of them for this opportunity.

I would like to thank Dr. McCoy, the current RIMI Program Director for his support. I will never forget RIMI support since it helped me to become an independent investigator.

Of course, I would like to thank my family. I enjoy support from my wife, Krishna and our two children who often spend few hours in weekends in the campus while I work in my research lab.

My memory goes back to my recent past when I enjoyed support from a wonderful person, the Late Dr. Juanita Scott whom I miss so much. When she became Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies I became optimistic that we will have a Masters degree program in Biology soon. I still hold the dream.

I would like to thank our Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Miller for his support, and Dr. Mbamalu for the interactions and privilege of working together.

There are so many special people to thank around different disciplines. Time does not allow me to call their names, but I would like to let them know how much I appreciate working with each of you.

I would like to make few remarks since the occasion gives me an opportunity to say something.

As a teacher what I feel that it is not just my job to convey information to the students. It is very important to let the students know that we care about them. I would like to realize that this award is as much for trying as it may be for succeeding.

It is also important to make effective gestures in the classroom so that students can remember ideas. Some times it reaches to some students, and they make efforts and try a bit harder to learn. So, never give up!

When a student asks questions that make me feel that my efforts are worthwhile.

It makes me feel very proud when the students are accepted in graduate schools, presenting in scientific meetings, getting awards, and receiving research fellowships etc. We have quite a few achievers in our department. That tells us we are doing the job right.

I strongly believe in life-long learning.

I am advocate for undergraduate research.

I would like to conclude my remarks with a heart-felt thanks to God. May God bless this institution, faculty and staff and the students.

Again, thank you very much.

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