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For nearly a century and a half, Benedict College has remained true to the mission of preparing students to be "powers for good" in society. While the history of the college has been spectacular, Benedict's future will surpass its past. We are so excited you have chosen to become a part of the Benedict College family!  As a Transfer student, we hope that your integration into the Benedict College culture will be an easy one.  This transition, with the assistance of knowledgeable faculty, staff and students, will be facilitated by the Academic Advising Center staff who will provide workshops, information and advising to ensure that you remain a successful student as you matriculate.

Transfer-mation Newsletter (PDF)

Explanation of Transfer Credits

The semester credit hours you transfer to Benedict College have to be evaluated to determine which BC class it matches.  Even though a class transfers and “equals” a BC class, that class may not be a requirement of the major/program of study you have chosen.  For example, a class from Spartanburg Methodist College, BSAD 202 Principles of Microeconomics, is equivalent to the Benedict College class EC 231 Principles of Economics II; however, EC 231 is not a requirement for Criminal Justice majors and will be considered an elective in that program of study.  In addition, classes at your previous institution that do not “match” a BC class will also be considered elective hours.  Remember this information when calculating the length of time it will take for you to graduate.

Seminar Requirements for Transfer Students

Students, who transfer to the College with a grade point average (G.P.A.) above 2.0 attained at the transferring institution, may begin the Seminar Series at their level of classification at Benedict College at the time of their admittance and complete the series through the senior year. If students attain a grade point average below a 2.0 at the institutions from which they transfer, these transfer students must complete the entire Seminar series. All students, regardless of standing or experience, must complete Junior and Senior Seminar courses. Transfer students or students who completed high school more than six years earlier may be allowed to substitute documented work or military experience for Freshman and Sophomore Seminars as approved by a committee.

Service Learning Requirements of Transfer Students

Transfer students are required to complete the total number of hours commensurate to their classification at the time of admittance. Service-learning hours must be completed at sites registered with the Office of Service-Learning and are not transferable from other institutions.

Projected hours for completions during each level of classification are below:

FRESHMAN - 20 hours per year
SOPHOMORE - 40 hours per year
JUNIOR - 40 hours per year
SENIOR - 20 hours per year

Eligibility for Institutional Scholarships

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