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Help! is a storytelling of bondage, oppression and of refugees written by Charles David Brooks, III Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, at Benedict College.  The stage production includes "Slave Narratives" as prepared by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administrations for the states of Texas, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina.  Professor Brooks received a divine intervention during his hospitalization at the Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in Columbia, as a patient in severe pain, August 31, 2005.  As Brooks was going unconscious, he sought for a divine guide to lead him to Almighty God, as he understood His Spirit to be.  Brooks had a conscious contact with Almighty God.  It was at that time he reviewed a scene in his conscious mind, of people lost in dark murky waters in New Orleans.  There were dead bodies around them, and babies crying as they floated out into the dark waters of Hurricane Katrina Levee, crying for Help!  Brooks heard familiar songs sung in the background.

This scene played repeatedly in Brooks conscious as the scene moved from ships in the Middle Passage, to hearing voices of former slaves telling their narratives, to people wading in the waters caught up in the bondage and oppression of time as refugees.  It was as if time stood still as ships in the waters, carrying human cargo of people lost in the dark with dead bodies, urine, feces and afterbirth flowing around them, as the scene played out again in Ward 9, New Orleans.  Brooks dedicates these works to the children missing from their parents.


It Will Be Better (A Song of Hope)......."Kristy-Love" Brooks

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child...Negro Spiritual

Change Gon' Come..Sam Cooke

Nobody Knows De Trouble I've SeenNegro Spiritual

Bridge Over Troubled Water.Paul Simon

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