October 3, 2007

To: BC Students

Theft Insurance
Please be reminded of the availability of Theft, Fire and Accidents Insurance for your personal property, particularly Laptop Computers.  Insurance coverage of $2000.00 can be purchased for as low as $26.00; check with your Community Life Coordinator or the Dean of Students for an application or apply online: http://www.nssi.com/.  There is no other coverage by the college to cover the full cost of your lost or stolen property.  Do not be penny wise and dollar foolish!

Firearms and other weapons are PROHIBITED on Benedict College Campus.  You would not want to face the consequences of a weapons violation.

The unauthorized possession, use, manufacture, sale, or distribution of any counterfeit, illegal, or controlled drug is prohibited.

Student Identification Card
This card must be carried at all times, and be produced if requested by a college official or faculty member.  Erroneous identification or failure to comply with the above mentioned policies constitutes a conduct code violation and is subject to disciplinary action.

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