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Affairs of Our Ancestors 2010

From the Playwright and Director:

Affairs of Our Ancestors depicts an ancient spiritual council assembling in order to relate to this present generation the need to rise up, stand up and stay up, and to bring awareness to this world. These ancient ancestors moved me spiritually to write about them so that their ´opening of the mouth' can speak to the youth, young adults, and older adults. During the writing of Affairs of Our Ancestors, I felt their spirits rising within me as they dictated to me what is to be. It is as if the ancestral spirits wanted to look out, though me, into this world from the realm of the afterlife. The concept of Affairs came to me as a vision from our ancient ancestral spirits. Affairs opened at the Ponder Fine Arts/Humanities Center 2005. We performed before audiences of Benedict College students, faculty, administrators, community, public schools, churches, and families. Affairs toured, with a professional cast, during the summer of 2005, performing to audiences at the Center Stage, Hartsville, South Carolina during the Butler Heritage Week June 26 to July 2, 2005. William A. Gaskins, Mayor of the City of Harstville, proclaim June 30, 2005 as "Professor Charles David Brooks, III Day." Affairs was funded by the Black Creek Arts Council for performances during the Butler Heritage Week.

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