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Affairs of Our Ancestors 2010


Akhenaton, The Creator of Monotheism
Imhotep, The World First Known Genius
Queen Ahmose Nefertari of Kemet
Nzinga, Amazon Queen
Affonso I, Angolan King
Makeda, Queen of Sheba
Candace, Empress of Ethiopia
Askia Toure, Warrior
Hannibal, Ruler of Carthage
Queen Kahina of North Africa
Behanzin Hossu Bowelle, The King

Cast of Characters


Edward Taylor
Demetrius Conner
Jeneece Dixon
Kathy Mitchell
Ronnie Grant
Nicole Dais
Jazzman Dawkins
LaQuanisha Robinson
Gerald W. Lanehart
Porsha Stackhouse
Ronald "Brent" Stanford

Stage Manager

Devin D. Seawright


Joshua Williams
Bianca Folkes
Brandon Franklin
Ivonna Williams
Gregory Harris
Angeline Durham


Esther Hopson
Jarvis Mayo


Baldwin Thomas


Melissa Washington

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