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"Quick Time"


Playwright Russell Arrington is a free-lance writer and social critic. Quick Time was written in June 2010. Mr. Arrington has written several plays; however, Quick Time was accepted, by the Theatre Ensemble, because of its timely message. Today, American citizens are faced with massive issues like adequate food, water, shelter, employment, health care, education, clean energy, and crime. Quick Time asks the questions, "Who is making decisions?" and "Who are the politicians making decisions for?" "Are our radio and television talk show hosts telling us the truth?" WELI (WE LIE) 10.20 AM on your radio dial thinks so. The Westfield Community is facing the miseducation of its children and police corruption while youths are killed under the guise of making an arrest. Quick Time deals with a lot of issues that are reflective of the issues we face in our daily lives. Mr. Russell Arrington represents the emerging artists who push their music, art, and writing skills to the edge. Westfield Community is being pushed to the edge. Society, as we know it, is being pushed to the edge. Quick Time answers the question, "Do we need Reverend This or That to lead us in marches and protests, while misdeeds go unresolved, or do we as citizens voice not only our opinions, but our decisions?" Quick Time.

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