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Director: Charles David Brooks III

Charles D. Brooks, III was born on September 28, 1939, in Harlem New York of parents from Barnwell, South Carolina. Brooks comes from a long line of South Carolina educators. His mother is a graduate of Claflin University, and his uncle, Dr. Henry Hannibal Butler, is a graduate of Benedict College and a former principal of Henry Butler High School in Hartsville, South Carolina, and the fifth president of Morris College.    His granduncle Lewis L. Butler is former principal of Lewis L. Butler Elementary School in Erhardt, South Carolina.  His cousin George Butler was principal of Butler High School in Barnwell, South Carolina. Brooks' father retired from Federal Citizen Service.

As a child, Charles Brooks was a "hoofer" on the street corners of New York City during World War II. It was there that he began his performing career, leading him through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs as a dancer and actor. Brooks received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of California in Los Angeles. He also received a Master of Education Degree from Columbia University in New York City. For ten years, he directed and produced a variety show, The Charles Brooks Show, for Manhattan Cable Television. After years of performing, teaching, and public service, Brooks arrived at Benedict College in the fall of 2000 and serves as Assistant Professor of Theatre in the Fine Arts Department. During his last five years at the College, Brooks starred in The River Niger and directed The Dreamy Kid, Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Music, Five on the Black Hand Side, Affairs of Our Ancestors and Day of Absence.

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