Each person with borrowing privileges must check out materials on their own borrowing card using their own identification. Faculty, administrative staff, and/or staff member may send a designated person with written instructions and with their identification card to check out a specific item for the employee; NO ONE MAY CHECK OUT MATERIALS USING ANOTHER'S IDENTIFICATION.

Loan Policy

  1. Books borrowed from the library may be kept for up to three-(3) weeks from the checked out date.
  2. There is a check out limit of ten (10) books.
  3. Books to be returned should be deposited in the book chute located in the foyer of the Library or at the Circulation/Periodicals Desk.
  4. A maximum of 10 items per person may be borrowed at a time.
  5. Library materials are loaned out for a period of 30 days for faculty, 21 days for students and others, and 30 days for Interlibrary Loan.
  6. Audiovisual materials, software and hardware are loaned out to faculty only for one day.
  7. Periodicals, reference books, reserve items and other material are loaned to faculty only under special circumstances for a period specified by library personnel at the time they are borrowed.
  8. There is a grace period of 7 days.

Fines for Overdue & Lost Items

  1. Fines are $0.25 per day per overdue item ($0.50 per day per African American book).
  2. The minimum overdue fine is $1.00 per item.
  3. The maximum overdue fine is $10.00 per item.
  4. Fines for lost items are $100.00 per AV item, $25.00 per reserve item and $50.00 per item from main collection.
  5. Fines for other overdue items depend upon the type of material and other special conditions.
  6. Fees for other lost materials depend upon the cost to the library for replacement of the item(s).
  7. Borrowers are responsible for returning materials on time. When a book is ninety (90) days overdue, charges will be invoiced as follows:
  1. Cost of book replacement
  2. Processing fee
  3. Overdue fines ($0.25 per day per book and $0.50 per day for African American Books).
  1. When a book is returned that was considered to have been lost, credit will be given for all except the accumulated overdue fines.
  2. Items not returned by the end of the semester will be considered lost.
  3. Charges for lost items will be added to the student's account in the Office of Business Affairs and billed to student. If a book is still in print, the charges will be based upon the BIP listed price, plus the processing fee.  If a book is out of print, the library will refer to the U.S. College Book Price Information Guide plus the processing fee.

Reserves Policy

  1. The library accepts requests for items to be placed "on reserve" each semester by faculty members for their respective classes.
  2. The maximum number of items (books, articles, etc.) that a faculty member can place on reserve is eight (8).
  3. All materials designated by faculty members for required reading are maintained at the Circulation/Periodicals Desk.
  4. Reserve materials are for use in the library only, but may be checked out for overnight use by faculty members only.
  5. After overnight use, reserve materials must be returned within thirty- (30) minutes after opening on the following day.  Afterward, a fine of thirty cents ($0.30) per hour will be charged until the materials are returned.
  6. Reserves are issued on a "first come, first served" basis.

InterLibrary Loan Policy

  1. ILL Requests:
  1. Interlibrary loan requests are accepted from current faculty, staff and students of the college.
  2. Library users may borrow up to 10 items per semester.
  3. The user must fill out a request form including all bibliographic information about the book, article or other item to be borrowed; his or her name, address and telephone number; and the maximum amount he or she is willing to pay for the item(s).
  4. Request forms are available at the circulation desk or from the reference librarian.
  5. Any charges incurred are to be paid by the requestor.
  6. Many items are sent free of charge but there are fees for some services depending upon the policies of the lending libraries.
  7. Payment is expected at the time the request is received.
  8. All accrued fees associated with any interlibrary loan transaction will be absorbed by the faculty member through his/her department or personally.
  9. Before making a formal ILL request on a student's behalf (1) Record student's ID number. (2) Make sure that the student's name, address, and social security number are accurately taken to insure proper billing to the Office of Business Affairs in case of non payment on any delinquent ILL request.
  1. ILL Lending:
  1. Non-circulating items such as reference books, dissertations, theses, audiovisual materials, reserves, serials (periodicals), microform, computer software and archival and African American Collection materials are not loaned. Photocopies of most of these items may be sent.
  2. Current charges for photocopies are $0.05 per page.
  3. Books are sent free of charge.
  4. Items are loaned via ILL for a period of three (3) weeks and can be renewed upon request.
  5. OCLC Code: BDC
  6. No charge to borrower for postage.
  7. The ILL service is suspended over the Christmas Holidays for two weeks.

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