Under the umbrella of the Reference Department, this collection incorporates the guidelines for the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) Federal Depository Library Program. The challenges of collecting and maintaining a depository collection and winning the support of the college administration will allow the document staff to work more effectively toward the goal of providing free access to government information for the institution and the residents of the 6th U.S. Congressional District of South Carolina.  It consists of over 1,600 government publications.

From the United States Government Printing Office (GPO), the collection provides selected periodicals (PDF), pamphlets, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Weekly Complication of Presidential Documents, Commerce Business Daily, Patent and Trademark Gazettes, Crime in the U.S., Occupational Outlook Handbook, Government Manual, Statistical Abstract, Background Notes, and Daily Treasury Statement.

Through government agencies, the document collection helps support the curriculum in subject areas such as business, education, environment, health, law, etc. In addition this collection at government expense (free) informs faculty, staff, and students of their government's activities, and provides access to Government information, and meets specific inspection compliance of the Federal Depository Library Program.


A. To provide information and reference services to the college community and residents of the 6th United States Congressional District of South Carolina as required in Title 44 of the United States Code.
B. To receive and process all United States federal documents which are distributed through the Federal Depository Library Services Program.
C. To maintain records of all materials received by verifying shipping lists and maintaining a record of each piece received in the online catalog.
D. To maintain documents in good physical condition and supersede materials according to the Superseded List and Regional Guidelines.
E. To provide public service as well as adequate space for both housing and private work areas for documents staff.
F. To communicate with neighboring libraries about trends, developments, and meetings of Regional and Federal Depository Library Services.

If necessary, the depository will evaluate for purchase, those tools available from private vendors that improve access to the depository collection. Also, strong consideration will be given to assure that the Library keeps up-to-date with materials in new formats, particularly in electronic format, and that appropriate hardware is recommended to handle electronic media.

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SCLA\GODORT means the Government Documents Round Table of the South Carolina Library Association.

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