The Benedict College Library Information Literacy Program is designed to meet the needs of classes scheduled for library usage at the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior levels. The program works in conjunction with the academic departments cross-disciplinary courses. These consist of several seminar courses which cut across academic areas, as well as incorporate co-curricular enrichment experiences. These courses are tailored to enhance students' academic, social, and personal development. In addition, the Information Literacy Program place emphasis on library instruction which provides access and methods to support critical thinking, self development, and lifelong learning skills for students. (see slide show presentation)

Information Literacy/Seminar Request Form


To help undergraduate students improve and expand their abilities to access, evaluate, and synthesize information.


Undergraduate students who are enrolled in seminar courses will effectively and efficiently utilize online resources as an introduction and/or reinforcement on an ongoing basis leading to graduation. This expectation will be met by providing at least ten or more seminar sessions each semester with hands-on opportunity for students to examine writing guides, the online catalog and electronic databases.

Instructional Description

Freshman Seminar I and II
Freshman Seminar I information literacy primary instruction for first semester freshmen provide an orientation of resources and services of the library. Additionally, it assists students with information on the History of Benedict College and conducting literature research specific to careers. Freshman Seminar II information literacy is a continuation of Freshman Seminar I. It is tailored to assist students in developing basic research skills in locating information on African Americans in various career fields as well as business topics such as money management.

Sophomore Seminar I and II
The information literacy seminar for Sophomore I students offers assistance in strengthening research skills by locating professional journals and electronic databases related to their academic discipline in order to present successful journal article critiques. Sophomore Seminar II information literacy is a continuation of Sophomore Seminar I whereas students are given assistance in locating and citing information on a specific individual relevant to their academic major discipline.

Junior Seminar I and II
The information literacy seminar at the junior level prepares students to appropriately explore, construct, and select topics for their senior papers. In addition, it introduces students to graduate school and professional examination resources.

Senior Seminar I and II
The seminar at the senior level assists students with advanced library research towards completing their senior papers and defense. It also provides resources to seniors on developing effective resumes and job search techniques.