A. The Benjamin F. Payton Learning Resources Center-Library is not responsible for the information found on any computer workstation, (excluding be it from electronic online databases, compact disc, or the Internet. Information on the Internet is unregulated and may be reliable and current, or it may be incorrect and out of date. The Benedict College Library has no control over these resources, or the changes that occur. The Internet may contain material that is inappropriate and offensive for viewing by some adults and children.

B. Parents are responsible for their children's access to any computer workstation at the Benedict College Library. Any parent/guardian may prohibit his/her child(ren) under the age of 18 from using a computer workstation at the Benedict College Library by giving a statement, in writing, to the Director of Library Services. The child(ren) name(s) will be put on a Prohibited Internet User's List. Normally, parents/guardian will be given and/or sent a consent form allowing usage.

C. Computer users are responsible for abiding all laws and using library materials and equipment in a responsible manner. Failure to comply with library policies and procedures will result in the loss of computer privileges.


A. Access to the Library's electronic resources is available via the Internet, or locally on CD-ROM. Printing is limited to 10-15 pages and there is a 30 minutes time limit. Email and word processing are prohibited. ERC is solely for the purpose of information retrieval.

B. Any person, holding a valid Benedict College Library ID Card may use a computer workstation.

C. There will be one user per computer station.

D. Users may continue to use the computer at the end of their time if there is no one waiting to use it.

E. Users displaying materials on a computer that are objectionable to others, resulting in a complaint to library staff, will be asked to exit that program as an inappropriate use of a public resource. In addition they may be asked to forfeit the remainder of their computer time, and may be barred from future computer use.

F. The library will offer limited training on the use of the Internet at various times during class visits.

G. Excessive printouts will lead to frequent occurrence of low no toner. When this occurs -- an expensive replacement cartridge will have to be ordered. Some printing down time will occur during these times.

H. Users of computer workstations are prohibited from loading their own software or downloading software from the Internet onto the library's hardware.

I. The library does not provide e-mail accounts for its patrons.