Archives Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In what year was Benedict College founded?
    Answer: 1870
  2. For whom was Benedict College named?
    Answer: Mrs. Bathsheba A. Barber Benedict
  3. Who was the first President of Benedict?
    Answer : Reverend Timothy Dodge
  4. From its beginning how many Presidents has Benedict had?
    Answer: Thirteen. Reverends Dodge, Colby, Goodspeed, Becker, Osborn, Valentine, Antisdel, Starks, and Bacoats. Doctors Payton, Ponder, Grigsby, and Swinton.
  5. Who was the first Afro-American President of Benedict?
    Answer: Reverend John J. Starks
  6. How many Afro-Americans have served as Presidents?
    Answer: Six. Starks, Bacoats Payton, Ponder, Grigsby, and Swinton
  7. What building on campus is on the Historic District List was used as a hospital and training school for nurses?
    Answer: Pratt Hall
  8. What other buildings are in Benedict College's Historic district?
    Answer: Morgan Hall, Duckett Hall, Antisdel Chapel, and Starks Center
  9. What year was the first football team formed and when was football suspended?
    Answer: Formed in 1911 and suspended in 1966
  10. In what year did Benedict resurrect its football program after a 29 year absence?
    Answer: 1995
  11. The intercollegiate History of sports at a Benedict began officially in 1907 when the first baseball team was organized by what professor?
    Answer: Profesor Ralph Flemings Bates, the college's first intercollegiate coach.
  12. What year was Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority chartered on campus?
    Answer: 1947
  13. What Benedict College alumni served a four-year term as President of the U.S. Olympic Committee in 1996?
    Answer: Dr. LeRoy Walker
  14. What does the word ´Benedict' mean?
    Answer: It means "a blessing"