Message From Archives Coordinator

If you are serious about learning the story of Benedict College, Archives is the place to increase you knowledge of the roots and beginning of our great institution. Why not take the time to peruse through the collection of yearbooks or college catalogues to see the various activities, programs, subject that were offered or the rules and regulations students were governed by. It will probably shock your mind to learn of the many do's and don'ts that were enforced during certain periods of Benedict's history.

The Archives Center stands ready to serve you in gathering original information regarding historical facts about the college, an alumni, programs, honorary degrees, sport activities, courses development, convocation speakers, marching bands, faculty /staff members, and much more. You name it, and we will do our best to satisfy your request for information.

You are encouraged to donate resources. Requests may be made via telephone: (803) 705-4301 by special arrangements for usage on non-operational days, and by U.S. mail. Come see or contact us, we aim for quality services.

Mary L. McAfee
Coordinator, Archives