bc-faculty-robinson_warren01.jpgDr. Warren Robinson
Dean of the School of Honors

An Open Letter to Prospective Honors Scholars

The School of Honors seeks highly motivated, enthusiastic, and critically inquisitive students who will be committed to carrying out the mission of Benedict College. We guarantee that during your matriculation as an Honors Scholar, that you will be provided enhanced intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual, and career development opportunities that will lead to your acceptance into the finest graduate/ professional schools and placement in the most lucrative employment ranks in your field.

The School of Honors Administration and Faculty endeavor to maintain a supportive and encouraging academic environment that is conducive to rigorous research projects, stimulating discussions, critical thinking, scholarly investigation and effective communication. Scholars will be provided support and encouragement to enhance their leadership skills while they are positioned to be actively involved in the local, national, and international community. You will be challenged to submit works in scholarly publications, give presentations, and participate in opportunities that will allow you to receive recognition for your superior academic achievement.

The theme of the Benedict College School of Honors is SERVICE TO THE COLLEGE AND COMMUNITY, SERVICE TO THE NATION AND THE WORLD, THROUGH A COMMUNITYOF SCHOLARS! At Benedict College, you will be afforded opportunities and you will be challenged to give back to your campus, community, nation, and world. The School of Honors provides exceptional stimulation to challenge our scholars, thus expanding their global horizons and academic expectations. You will be encouraged to study, conduct research, and participate in both domestic and international internships that will make a difference in you and in those you serve.