Dr. Warren Robinson (photo)
Doctorate-University of South Carolina

Ms. Laura E. Daniels-Postell
Administrative Assistant


Dr. Norma Jackson (Faculty at-large), Chair
Ms. Carolyn Powell (School of BE)
Dr. Daniel Theriault (School of HHS)
Dr. Damara Hightower (School of ED)
Mrs. Emmie Davis (School of HASS)
Dr. Gurcan Comert (STEM)
Dr. Hellenna Terrell (CE)
Ms. Ruby Blair (Faculty at-large)
Dr. Malqueen Richardson (Staff )
Mrs. Tondaleya Jackson (Staff)
Ms. Alexus Cunningham (Student)
Mr. Alex Green (Student)

Ex-officio: Dr. Janeen P. Witty
Dr. Warren Robinson
Dr. George A. Devlin
Ms. Sul Black
Ms. Tamiko Newborn

Phone: 803-705-4752

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