The major focus of the School of Honors Curriculum is to engage Honors students and faculty in intellectual inquiry beyond the mere classroom proper. Honors courses ensure that each student experiences an emphasis in writing, technology, research, leadership, and internationalism. As well, Honors courses afford students active participation in specific structural service learning and leadership development programs as community members of the School of Honors.

Honors courses at Benedict College are:

  1. writing-intensive courses that acculturate Honors Scholars to the graduate and professional academic world, preparing them to conduct research and make intellectual contributions to their fields;
  2. technology-intensified courses that connect Honors Scholars to the global society;
  3. service educational oriented, thus providing opportunities on a campus-wide, local, state, national, and international level honing the Honors Scholars' special skills and developing expertise, especially via teaching; and
  4. internationally focused, thus encouraging students and faculty to engage in the critical dialectic of international issues and providing opportunities for proactive participation in these discourses.


An agreement between the Honors Scholar and the professor of a general studies course, with approval from the Office of the Dean of the School of Honors to contract non-honors designated courses for honors credit. The student earns honors credit in a general studies course by negotiating special scholarly activity (e.g. laboratory analysis, presentation of scholarly paper, providing instructional assistance). Honors Contract Hours can be arranged in all courses not designated as "H" or "Honors".


The School of Honors employs an interdisciplinary approach to systemically engaging students and faculty in research projects that require scholars to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate from multiple perspectives. The purpose is to provide an integrated understanding of the great themes of human inquiry and expression in science, politics, economics, social thought, the literatures and the arts.

School of Honors Required Curriculum

Required English Series (6 Credits)

ENG 135H/SL Freshman Composition I Honors/Service Learning (3 credits)
ENG 137H/SL Freshman Composition II Honors/Service Learning (3 credits)

Required Math Series (6 Credits minimum)

MATH 138H College Algebra (3 credits)
MATH 140H Precalculus (4 credits)
MATH 143H Calculus I (4 credits)

Required Research Series (2 Credits)

HON 411 Senior Research I (1 credit)
HON 412 Senior Research II (1 credit)

Honors Electives Series (10 credits Required)

ART 220H Art Appreciation (2 credits)
BA 130H Introduction to Business (3 credits)
BIO 443H Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits)
ED 230H Historical & Philosophical Foundations of American Education (3 credits)
ENG 230H Advanced Composition (3 credits)
ENG 231H/SL World Literature I Honors/Service Learning (3 credits)
HE 230 H Health Education (3 credits)
HIST 131H World Civilization I (3 credits)
HIST 132H World Civilization II (3 credits)
HIST 231H US-Afro-American History to 1865 (3 credits)
HIST 232H US-Afro-American History 1865 to present (3 credits)
HIST 340H The Civil Rights Movement (3 credits)
MATH 138H College Algebra (3 credits)
MATH 140H Precalculus (4 credits)
MATH 143H Calculus I (4 credits)
MUS 233H Music History I (2 credits)
MUS 220H Music Appreciation (2 credits)
REC 331H Leadership and Group Dynamics (2 credits)
SOC 339H Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
TH 220H Theatre Appreciation (2 credits)
SP 232H Spanish Conversation (3 credits)
SW 436H Women's Issues in Contemporary Society (3 credits)
HON 220 Argumentation and Debate I (2 credits)
HON 221 Argumentation and Debate II (2 credits)
HON 330 Academic City (3 credits)
HON 331 Contemporary Problems and Issues (3 credits)
HON 332 Effective Strategies for Intellectual Independence (3 credits)
HON 337 Research Strategies (3 credits) HON 338 Research Technology (3 credits)
HON 340 International Exploration I (4 credits)
HON 341 International Exploration II (4 credits)
HON 440 Honors Internship (4 credits)