Admissions Requirements

  • A GPA of 3.2
  • An Honors Admissions Review
  • Participation in the Honors Induction Ceremony
  • Participation in the School of Honors Academic and Outreach Programs

Requirements And Expectations of the Honors Scholar

To graduate with the distinction of School of Honors Graduate, a student must complete the following seven requirements and the School of Honors required curriculum.

  1. Students must have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.2.
  2. Students must have successfully completed 24 hours of honors courses.
  3. Students must have presented a scholarly paper at a national conference.
  4. Students must have taken a graduate or professional entrance examination.
  5. Students must have applied to at least one graduate or professional school.
  6. Students must have successfully written and defended a Senior Honors Thesis Project.

Honors scholars are required to take a minimum of one graduate or professional entrance examina­tion such as GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, or PRAXIS. All senior level Honors scholars are required to apply to at least one graduate or professional school.

Honors scholars are encouraged to participate in honors related activities, including, Fall Convocation, Founder's Day Convocation, the Honors Lecture Series, Honors Induction Ceremony, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge,  Honors Convocation, and other scholarly activities as communi­cated by the Dean.

Students who successfully satisfy the requirements of the School of Honors will participate in the spring Annual Capstone Commencement Ceremony and will graduate with the distinction as School of Honors Graduate. During the Capstone Commencement Ceremony, the School of Honors Graduates are recognized for not only completing requirements for a degree, but as a School of Honors Graduate as well. These Honors scholars are adorned with the Benedict College Academic Medallion of Honors and an honors stole. This distinction will be denoted on the academic transcript and degree.

The Capstone Ceremony

The premiere Capstone Ceremony was held on May 9, 1990. During all Capstone Ceremonies, the Torch of Knowledge is passed to a representative from the rising senior class. All School of Honors graduates receive Encomiums of Excellence and a Medallion of Honors. They are presented with Honors stoles which are worn with their academic regalia on Commencement Day. School of Honors graduates give special recognition to their parents who receive Encomiums of Parental Excellence and a rose.

The Medallion of Honors

To demonstrate their high academic achievement through the School of Honors, these graduates receive the Medallion of Honors.  The bronze medallion contains “a lamp of knowledge sitting on a book” with the words HONOR GRADUATE and is hung on a purple ribbon.  The medallion is worn by Honors Seniors at formal convocation activities, graduation, and serves as a reminder of their commitment to world service.