Admissions Policy

Benedict College gives serious consideration to every applicant who is committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity it provides him/her to obtain a college education. The College makes its educational opportunities available to all such applicants interested in participating in its programs. However, each applicant must provide evidence of a reasonable probability of success in college before he/she can be admitted as a regular student. Applicants who do not meet the Unrestricted Admission requirement may be admitted under the Other Admissions category or special categories as described in this section. However, the College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant it judges unlikely to benefit from its programs.

Unrestricted Admission to the Evening and Saturday School

Applicants may gain admission to the freshman class by meeting the following requirements:

1. Hold a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent. The College recommends that students earn units from the college preparatory track.


2. Possess a General Education Development Examination (GED) Certificate or other experiences as may be determined by the admissions committee.

3. Must be at least twenty-five years of age at the time of enrollment

4. Must hold a daytime employment, be a homemaker, in-between employment, retirees or has other duties that may interfere with traditional day programs.

Optional for those requesting Credit for Prior Learning Experience:

5. Successful completion of Credit for Prior Learning Experience (CPLE) portfolio and interview during the first year.

Transfer Students

Applicants who have satisfactorily completed courses at an accredited institution may be admitted to regular status under the following conditions:

1. Students who have completed an A.A. or A.S. degree program with a liberal arts back ground at an accredited institution may be accepted at the junior level. Benedict will accept, for transfer credit, only those courses with "C" or better grades.

2. The transfer applicant must be eligible to return to the college or university last attended, or the applicant must have a recommendation from the officials of the institution last attended.

3. The transfer applicant will be considered for admission upon presentation of an official college transcript. Transfer students with fewer than 30 hours must meet the requirements specified for New Freshmen. At least 25% of semester credit hours counted toward graduation will be earned through instruction at Benedict College.

4. Credit will be given for transfer work in which the student received a grade of "C" or above. These credits must have been earned within the last 10 years prior to the date of transfer. Transfer credits more than 10 years old are subject to validation by the depart ment chair and dean, with approval of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. College credit will not be allowed for remedial courses or courses basically of secondary school level. The College reserves the right to deny advanced standing on the basis of the transfer student's standing at the institution previously attended.

5. Transfer credit is are not given for upper division courses taken at two-year colleges. A student can not transfer credits from a two-year college to satisfy Benedict College require ments at the 300 and 400 levels.

The Major department must recommend approval of any upper division transfer courses through established channels. The amount of credit that Benedict will allow for work done at another institution within a given period of time may not exceed the normal amount of credit that could have been earned at Benedict during that time. Transfer students must also meet these requirements:

A maximum of 60 semester hours may be transferred from a two-year college;
At least half of the courses in the major must be taken at Benedict;

Transfer students must maintain a cumulative average of at least 2.0 in courses taken at Benedict College in order to qualify for graduation.

Transfer students meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements are eligible for financial aid (see Student Finances) upon receipt of the Financial Aid transcript from the college previously attended and evaluation of their transcript from that college.

Transient Students

Admission to courses for one semester or summer session may be granted to students from other col­ leges and universities whose courses of study have been approved by their academic deans or reg­ istrars. Such students are referred to as "transient students." All non-matriculating/transient students are required to submit a separate application for the academic semester or sum­mer term, along with a completed academic course approval form from their college. They are also responsible for requesting their transcripts.

International Students

Benedict College feels that cultural exchange is mutually beneficial. Therefore, the enrollment of students from other countries is encouraged. International applicants must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English.

In addition to the admission requirements applicable to all native students, an international student must also satisfy all requirements as prescribed by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service for approval to study in this country. Applicants from international institutions must meet regular freshman admission requirements, while those entering from another college in the United States must meet regular transfer requirements in addition to the following conditions:

1. Send a completed application, along with a $60.00 non-refundable application fee, including all test scores, school records, and financial statements to the Office of Admissions and Student Marketing, by the application deadline for the semester in which they wish to enter. Transcripts, must be accompanied by a certified English translation, if not in English.

2. Send bank statements or certified statements of financial ability showing that they can meet U.S. study costs. A $3500.00 deposit fee is required before the I-20 form is released.

3. Submit evidence of proficiency in English adequate for doing college work. In cases where English is a second language, the student must submit a score of at least 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a valid certificate of proficiency in English (ESL). In the absence of demonstrated and documented proficiency, the student must satisfactorily complete a course or courses in English for the international student.

Special Admissions Non-degree Applicants

Non-degree applicants are persons who wish to take selected college courses without the intent of completing a degree program. These are persons who wish to attend college for the purpose of upgrading employment skills, for transferring credit to meet certain certification requirements, or for personal interest and enjoyment. These persons will be listed as non-degree students. They will not be subject to the usual requirements for admission, but they must give evidence of preparation and ability to successfully pursue college level courses. Such students may later become candidates for degree.

Information for Veterans and Eligible Dependents

The Office of the Registrar and Student Affairs at Benedict College offers assistance and information on College programs and applications for education benefits to veterans and eligible dependents. The Office of the Registrar certifies enrollment and transmits attendance records, degree requirements, and other information concerning veterans enrolled at Benedict to the Veterans Administration. Admission to the College should be obtained before the student applies for veterans benefits. The appropriate application forms for benefits will be sent with the offer of admission. Beginning students are urged to complete all forms and return them to the Office of the Registrar at least eight weeks prior to enrollment, so that they might receive their first benefit check in time for use at registration. In addition, the veteran should apply for a certificate of eligibility at the nearest Veterans Administration Regional Office at least eight weeks prior to the expected date of enrollment.

In order to be eligible for a full monthly allowance, a veteran must be registered for twelve or more credit hours per semester. Those registered for less than 12 credit hours are eligible for part-time compensation. Veterans are responsible for reporting any change in enrollment status or other previously reported information to the Veterans Administration and to the Office of the Registrar and Student Records.

Provisions for Disabled and Special Need Students

The College makes provisions to accommodate disabled and special need students. Facilities to accommodate students with physical handicaps include the Learning Resources Center, the Human Resources Center, the Fine Arts/Humanities Center and Mather Hall, Oak Street and Haskell Dormitories. Services are available through the Office of the Coordinator of Special Student Services.