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Atlanta, GA (September 30, 2009) -- 2007 Benedict College graduate Justin O. Cooper releases his new inspirational self-help book The Power of a Praying Woman.

Cooper who serves as the publicist and personal assistant to two-time Grammy award-winning Gospel/R&B record artist/actress Ann Nesby (of Sounds of Blackness and The Fighting Temptation movie fame) has worked behind the scenes in media and music entertainment for the past 10 years.

With his hand at bat with The Power of a Praying Woman, a collaborative effort between Cooper and Bainbridge, GA native Calvin L. Lewis, an emerging playwright/author. The bookhighlightsCooper's and Lewis' homage to the influential women of faith in their lives while dissecting and examining the power that prayer has yielded by other notable women of faith throughout the ages.

Biblical examples and noted women in American history are also showcased, "This book serves as one of my ultimate goals as a writer. It allows me to encourage and inspire others through experiences I've witnessed and it is my way of saying thank you to the monumental women in my life," says Cooper.

The book also serves as the precursor to Lewis' upcoming Gospel stage play of the same title which is will debut February 13, 2010.

Cooper is a 1998 graduate of Kingstree Senior High School and an honors graduate of Benedict College. He has spent the past decade pursuing his dream of working in the world of media and entertainment. His bylines and media credit include: The Urban Network Magazine (Los Angeles, CA); IMARA Woman Magazine (Columbia, SC); How We Live Magazine (Columbia, SC); and The Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper (Atlanta, GA); as well as his extensive work with the aforementioned Ann Nesby. He is also an award winning published songwriter having worked Grammy award winning Jazz saxophonist Tom Scott.

The Power of a Praying Woman is published by Kingdom Builders Publishing (Camden, NC) and is available for purchase at

Cooper and Lewis have garnered international press with the release of the book and will be promoting the book through various book signings throughout the US leading up to the 2009 holiday season.

For additional information regarding book signings or general info contact Justin Cooper, publicist at 404.803.3006 or email


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