The Office of Communications and Marketing (formerly Department of Public Relations) handles media relations, news, publications/or publications approval and promotion, including commercial advertisements for all academic and administrative units of the College. No unit of the College may contract with outside firms or agencies for provision of this type of service, regardless of the source of funds, without special permission from the President of the College.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for supervising the editing and designing for all information and/or promotional publications and for periodical and/or continuing publications from academic and administrative units for internal or external distribution. Communications and Marketing also coordinates the annual approval process for All College periodicals and continuing publications.

The Office of Communications and Marketing will coordinate publication of materials with the Communications Support Center as requested.


It is the mission of the Office of Communications and Marketing to coordinate the internal and external communication efforts of the College. The office is charged with the development and maintenance of a marketing program for the College and its units to be used on a local, state, regional and national level.

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