The program in Religion and Philosophy is designed in structure, content, and purpose to expose the pre-theological student to the basic concepts, the implications, and the interrelationships of religion and philosophy, so that they form an integral part of the human drama and the quest for meaning.

As a result of fulfilling the requirements of the program, the student will perform on a level of proficiency which is satisfactory for entry into seminary and professional schools. In reaching this proficiency level, the student's ability to critically analyze and evaluate ideologies and human issues, to recite the histories of faith systems, and to systematically organize values in his/her own life will be enhanced.

In addition to general college requirements, majors must complete the folllowing courses with a C or better: any four philosophy courses and any five religion courses numbered 200 and above with Rel/Phil 333 satisfying a requirement in one category, not both. Majors must also complete SSCJ 440 with a C or better.

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