Mission Statement of the Music Program

The role of the Music Program is to provide a basis of support for the Benedict College liberal arts curriculum by offering a broad base of concepts and principles, historical perspectives, techniques and processes, and understanding and appreciation of the creative process in music. The music programs develop cognitive, perceptual, emotive, and communication skills that help students establish higherorder thinking proficiencies desperately needed to function in today's society.

The Programs also provide the following services to the College: Music Appreciation is offered in support of the General Education requirement of the College to provide awareness and appreciation of music and Recreation, Religion, Business, and History majors who have a need to use music in their professions. Music courses are open to non-music majors as electives, to enrich their liberal arts education. The program also offers varied opportunities for performances on campus and throughout the local, state, regional, national, and international communities through its many performing units. The Music Faculty often serve as consultants to other colleges, public schools, churches, government entities, and private constituents.

The General Music Program further aims to provide students with a broad base of educational experiences in music which will provide them with skills necessary to enter professional career fields and graduate study in music.

See College Catalogue for Courses and Programs of Study plus more information.