bc_building_starks_student_center.jpgThe Office of Student Accounts at Benedict College continuously aspires to satisfy the needs of BC students by providing prompt, courteous, quality services on a consistent basis. Information contained in this brochure is intended to benefit traditional students. Students may confer with their pre-assigned counselors for additional information.

College Expenses:

Educational cost at Benedict College includes, but is not limited to, such expenses as tuition, room & board and fees assessed at the lowest possible level without sacrificing quality and excellence. In estimating the total cost of expenditures for a college year, students should include the cost of books, supplies, travel, educational tools, and personal items in their overall financial package.

Prior to registering for each semester or summer session, a student admitted to Benedict College must pay the difference between the total institutional cost and the confirmed financial aid awarded.

Financial responsibility is placed on the student to review his/her individual account data generated from the business office, upon receipt, for accuracy and consistency.

Room & Boarding:

All dormitory residents are assessed board charges, as a condition for obtaining room assignments. If you pick up a room key, you will be charged for boarding. Meals are including in the boarding charges. If a student moves out of housing early, they will be charged an early move out penalty. The penalties are outlined in the College Catalogue.

Meal Plans for Non-Boarding Students:

Meal Plans are offered to Non boarding students during the fall and spring semesters. The rates are listed below:

1 Meal per day for 5 days = $382.28/semester
2 Meals per day for 5 days = $728.28/semester

Payment Plan:

The College does offer a payment plan during the fall and spring semester of each term. No payment plans are offered during the summer sessions.


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