The Mathematics and Computer Science Department provides courses, training and innovative learning opportunities leading to baccalaureate degrees in Mathematics, Teaching of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computer Information Science. The curriculum offers a comprehensive educational experience for students in these areas in preparation for graduate studies and professional employment. In keeping with the philosophy and mission of Benedict College, the Department provides mathematics and computer technology courses for all majors as part of the general education studies. The Department's approach assures that the entire student body receives collegiate level skills in mathematics and computer science.

The goals of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department are to help students to:

  1. develop proficiency in quantitative skills and in the use of the symbolic language of mathematics;
  2. develop the ability to analyze mathematical models and derive logical solutions;
  3. acquire a confident familiarity with the mathematical concepts and methods that are needed in the areas of computer science, economics, or any branch of biological and physical science;
  4. develop the ability to communicate in the language of mathematics and assist others in acquiring computational skills;
  5. acquire the ability to develop computer programs in a variety of computer languages;
  6. demonstrate the ability to store, retrieve, and process information;
  7. acquire knowledge of the functional aspects of computer hardware and systems; and
  8. acquire a sound background of knowledge in mathematics and computer science to pursue further studies in these disciplines.

Teaching of Mathematics majors are expected to develop and demonstrate ability to apply a variety of effective mathematics teaching-learning activities designed for secondary school students.

Mathematics and Computer Science majors are expected to acquire competency in these areas.

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