The Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Health Science Department includes majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Health Science.The overall goal of the Department is to provide a sound education for students in the natural sciences that will prepare them for immediate employment or for further studies. The goals of the Department are to provide experiences that will enable students to:

  1. acquire a knowledge of the basic principles, theories and phenomena;
  2. make use of the scientific method in the study of biological, chemical, and environmental health science phenomena;
  3. gain an understanding of the living and physical properties of matter and the treatment of these properties with appropriate scientific methods;
  4. develop basic laboratory skills for the investigation of biological and chemical phenomena and for the application of technology to solving problems;
  5. design and execute experiments involving biological and chemical concepts and materials;
  6. develop an awareness of the role of biological and chemical phenomena in adjusting to and living in a changing environment;
  7. analyze and evaluate biological and chemical phenomena in mathematical terms and apply mathematical solutions to problems;
  8. apply ethical principles to the delivery and use of scientific data for public consumption;
  9. develop skills and instructional strategies to teach science at the middle and high school levels; and
  10. acquire preparation for entry level positions in the various sciences; for graduate school; and for the study of medicine, dentistry, nursing, other related health disciplines, veterinary sciences, and engineering.

Biology, chemistry and environmental health science majors are expected to acquire compentency in these areas.

On May 8, 2004, the undergraduate Environmental Health Science Program at Benedict College was accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Environmental Health Science and Protection Programs (also known as Environmental Health Accreditation Council or EHAC).

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