Benedict College Institutional Report (pdf)
Benedict College Institutional Report (zip)


The exhibits listed below are the electronic exhibits used in the Institutional Report.  All exhibits listed in the Institutional Report as "On-Site" can only be viewed in the on-campus exhibits.

Brief History of Benedict College (Exhibit A1)
BC Mission Statement (Exhibit A2)

Conceptual Framework
Matrix of Alignment of Unit (Exhibit CF1)

Standard 1 - Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions
Praxis II Exams
SPA Reports:      NAEYC SPA Report Submitted (09-17-07)
                          NAEYC National Recognition Report
                          ACEI SPA Report Submitted (09-18-07)
                          ACEI National Recognition Report
Teacher Education Employer Survey Results 2008 (Exhibit 1a.3.1)
Teacher Education Alumni Survey Results 2008 (Exhibit 1a.3.2)
Dispositions and Key Assessments (Exhibit 1g.2.1)

Standard 2 - Assessment System and Unit Evaluation
Advisory Council on Teacher Education 2007-08 (Exhibit 2a.1)
Matrix of Alignment of Unit Standard (Exhibit 2a.2)
Key Unit Assessment Measures for Benedict College Candidate Proficiencies (Exhibit 2a.3.1)
Summary of Assessments Used to Manage and Improve Unit Operations (Exhibit 2a.6)
Assessment Calendar (Exhibit 2b.1)
Request For Assistance Form (Exhibit 2b.3.1)
Student Complaint Procedures (Exhibit 2b.3.2)
Data Driven Program Improvements (Exhibit 2c.4)

Standard 3 - Field Experiences and Clinical Practice
Field Experience Alignment Matrix for Professional Education Core Courses (Exhibit 3a.2.1)
Cooperating Teachers' Orientation fall 2007 (Exhibit 3a.5.1)
Table of Eligible Candidates for Clinical Practice (Exhibit 3c.1)

Standard 4 - Diversity
Coursework and Experiences Related to Diversity Proficiencies (Exhibit 4a.2)
Summary of Candidate Performance Results on Diversity Standards (Exhibit 4a.3)

Standard 5 - Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development
Qualifications of Faculty Without Doctorates (Exhibit 5a.2)
Examples of Contemporary School Experiences of Professional Education Faculty (Exhibit 5a.4)
Electronic Evaluation Instrument 2007-08 BLANK (Exhibit 5e.1)

Standard 6 - Unit Governance and Resources
SoE Organizational Chart 07-08 (Exhibit 6a.1)
Policies for admission to teacher education
Faculty Teaching Load (Exhibit 6c.1)